The French Language Education Student Association (HIPER) held its annual La Fête 2021 event on Saturday (5/6/2021) online via YouTube livestream. The event was hosted by Bintang Aryoseto (2019) and Zahida Aine Hawwa (2020) and attended by Mrs. Tri Kusnawati, S.pd., M.hum, HIPER 2021 accompanying lecturer who also represented the UNY FBS French Language Education lecturer.

This year, La Fête was not only held to celebrate HIPER's birthday, but also coincided with the anniversary celebration of the UNY French Language Education study program with the theme L'exploration de la Solidarité. This theme was chosen with the hope that HIPER 2021 will always prioritize togetherness and curiosity of UNY French Language Education students which will bring goodness.

The 2021 La Fête celebration was also enlivened by the Dance Arts Student Association (HIMASETA), the Indonesian Literature Student Family (KMSI), the English Department Student Association (EDSA), and not forgetting the HIPER community, namely Maintenant and Hipercoustique.

Apart from presenting entertainment from the HIPER community and representatives of FBS UNY student organizations, La Fête also announced the winners of the three competitions that were competed in at La Fête 2021. The three competitions were poster design, news reading, and e-sports which also became the first appearance of HYPE Esports as the new HIPER community. The following is a list of winners from the three La Fête 2021 competitions:

News reading competition winners:

Zahida Aine Hawwa

Muhammad Restu Ali

Nur Imamah


Poster design competition winners:

Tedi Purnama

Rika Nabigha Mutia Huraera

Handi Satriawan


Winners of e-sports competitions (teams):

Divine Potentia


Kehed Jaya

Congratulations to the winners. Hopefully the results obtained from La Fête 2021 can help you in your process to become better. For those of you who didn't have time to watch the La Fête 2021 YouTube livestream, wait for the rebroadcast on YouTube HIPER FBS UNY. After the celebration of La Fête 2021, see you at La Fête 2022.