The Semaine de la Francophonie activity is an important moment commemorated by various institutions around the world who have a love for the French language and culture. IFI Yogyakarta, as one of the institutions dedicated to promoting French language and culture in Indonesia, did not miss this opportunity to hold a series of activities aimed at expanding public understanding of the richness of French culture.

One of the activities organized by IFI Yogyakarta is an inter-university theater competition. This competition is not only an opportunity to showcase students' acting talents, but also a place to hone their French language skills. The UNY French Language Education Department is proud to send three representatives who have been carefully prepared to face this competition. The presence of three representatives from the UNY French Language Education Department was not in vain. They managed to show extraordinary qualities and abilities on stage, thereby impressing the judges and audience. Their success was proven by winning 2nd and 3rd place in the competition. This achievement is of course a matter of pride for the UNY French Language Education Department and also for the entire UNY academic community as a whole. Congratulations! (AM)