The French Language Education Student Association, last week carried out a workshop with the theme "Creating a Good and Correct Motivation Letter & Curriculum Vitae.". The online writing workshop was attended by most of the French Language Education students from FBS UNY. This time HIPER FBS UNY presented the person in charge of Campus France in Indonesia, Andraine A. Febrienza or usually called Mbak Rienza.

Curriculum vitae(CV) and Motivation Letter are the main requirements for registering to study or getting a scholarship to France, as well as for applying for jobs. These two documents are the main considerations for accepting or rejecting a candidate. For this reason, understanding how to make a CV and Motivational Letter well, correctly and attractively is very important for students. So apart from adding insight into techniques for writing CVs and Motivational Letters, this workshop also aims to provide tricks about what can and should be avoided when writing CVs and Motivational Letters.

There are several important things to pay attention to. These two important things must be prepared well and carefully, as well as in detail so that we can represent ourselves in accordance with the objectives of the CV and Motivation Letter. Careful preparation and caution are needed so that mistakes in technical writing can be avoided. Apart from that, the appearance of your CV and Motivation Letter should be made formal, standard, simple but attractive. We must remember that selectors or judges do not have much time to read long-winded CVs and Motivation Letters. For this reason, CVs and Motivation Letters must also be prepared carefully and must also be delivered elegantly and concisely, that is, short, clear and concise.

There are things that need to be avoided when writing down personal data, for example information about religion, marital status, weight, blood type and number of siblings does not need to be written down. For educational information as well as organizational experience or work experience, achievements or skills, it is best to write them chronologically from the most recent and only write what is appropriate, relevant and supports the purpose of writing a CV or Motivational Letter.

When writing a Motivation Letter, apart from having to be free of typos, clear, short and concise, it also needs to be written professionally, authentically (free from copy paste and hoaxes) based on honesty. To avoid mistakes, you can also help a friend or proof reader. Apart from that, so that our Motivation Letter has weight, mastery of the scholarships or programs offered is also very important. In general, a Motivation Letter begins with a Heading section (Head of the Motivation Letter, which contains the title, object of the letter, and opening greetings), the background of the Motivation Letter, the main body of the letter, namely the reasons for choosing the program, a self-description of why it is appropriate or compatible with our quality, as well as future plans. Don't forget, the Motivation Letter also needs to end with a formal closing. Hope it is useful. (YES for Hiper FBS UNY).