The French Language Education Student Association (HIPER) carried out Upgrading activities on Friday (19/3/2021) and held a Work Meeting on Sunday (21/3/2021) via the Zoom Meeting platform.

Upgrading activities are activities carried out by HIPER together with MPO in its implementation with the aim that the HIPER 2021/2022 Les Gens Braves cabinet can make HIPER more developed in all aspects. Upgrading began with an opening from MPO PI, Raditya Samudra Permadi as moderator and continued with remarks from Rizky Aprianto as MPO.

After his speech, Raditya Samudra Permadi again invited Rizky Aprianto to convey a brief motivation and what he should do or not do while serving as HIPER administrator. He conveyed this so that HIPER could further develop and learn from his experience as chairman of HIPER for the 2019/2020 period of the La Voie Lactée cabinet.

Then, the activity continued by explaining various work programs by the six (6) departments at HIPER and a few sessions providing criticism and/or suggestions by the MPO. The MPO's question and answer session for departments related to work programs was continued more exclusively in a breakout room for 30 minutes in a departmental sharing session.

The upgrade that night ended with the inauguration of the 2021/2022 HIPER management of the Les Gens Braves cabinet, represented by the chairman, Oka Reynaldi Akbar, by the MPO, represented by Catur Priyo.

Two days later, namely on Sunday (21/3/2021) at 15.00, HIPER held another internal event, namely the Work Meeting. This event was not only attended by HIPER and MPO, but was also attended by lecturers in the French Language Education study program, FBS UNY.

This Work Meeting activity is more or less the same as the Upgrading activity that HIPER previously carried out last Friday, only there was no department sharing activity. In this Working Meeting, each department presented the work program that would be implemented, then a question and answer session was opened, while several teaching lecturers submitted suggestions.

HIPER has completed two important internal activities within a very close period of time. Hopefully their hard and tired work will pay off with the success of the Les Gens Braves cabinet in the future.

Alya Fadiyah (French Language Education 2020)