An annual celebration organized by the FBSB UNY French Language Education Student Association (HIPER) which was originally to celebrate HIPER's birthday on Sunday, June 5 2022. This activity was carried out offline at the FBSB UNY Karawitan Laboratory, guided by Bintang Aryoseto (2019) and Bestin Yuanisa Goliz (2020).

This year's La Fête has the theme "Ailes de la Symétrie" or kepak sapay harmony. This theme reflects the beauty and harmony that is created when all elements come together in perfect harmony. This event was also enlivened by the HIPER community, namely Maintenant, Jolie danse and Hipercoustique. Apart from the HIPER community, there were also performances from Discothermia, Edsacoustic, Hijaw, Schmetterling BDS, Atap Langit PBSI, and Himaseta, followed by announcing the winners of the four competitions; read news in French, cover the French song, Monsieur et Mademoiselle, and E-sport competitions (Mobile Legend).