Saturday (20/3/2021), the uny fe office administration education student association conducted an internal visit with the uny fbs french language education student association. This activity is one of the work programs of hima padp which is routinely held three times in one period by visiting three hima in the uny environment to discuss each hima's program and strengthen relations between the two.

This internal visit started at 9.00 and was attended by 89 participants from hiper and hima padp members. This activity was opened with remarks by the student association supervisors, mr. Suhartanto, s.sos., m.a as the supervisor of hima padp and mrs. Dr. Tri kusnawati, s.pd., m.hum as the supervisor of hiper delivered her speech. Then, it was followed by remarks by the heads of each student association, muhammad lathu gozy malawat from hima padp and oka reynaldi akbar from hiper.

After the speech, the main event of the internal visit between hima padp and hiper began, namely the introduction and presentation of the hima which was briefly explained by the chairman of hiper and hima padp. After that, a question and answer session was opened from hiper to hima padp and vice versa.

The activity shifted to the next event, namely the fgd session by field where the hiper and hima padp departments, which have similar duties and obligations, were in the same google meet room to conduct presentations and questions and answers from each department regarding their work programs in detail. More detail. Here is the list:

Pi with cm and sv

Bakri and psdm with itd and adev

Depmaskom with mpr

Cadre formation with srd

Soskesma with entre and aps

After the field fgd session was finished, the audience was asked to return to the main google meet room to witness the handover of e-certificates from hiper to hima padp and vice versa. The official visit ended after a group photo session was held as a form of remembrance.

With the completion of the hima padp internal visit with hiper, it is hoped that these two hima can develop for the better and establish a close relationship between the two.