Last August, representatives from UNY French Language Education attended the 2021 Imaspi National Conference which was held on 1–26 August 2021 with various series of events.

The National Conference or National Conference is an activity regularly held by the Indonesian French Studies Student Association (IMASPI) at the end of its management period to inaugurate the secretary general (secretary general) and consulate general (konjen) of each university that is a member of Imaspi. This year, the Imaspi National Conference was hosted by the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) Bandung and held online via Zoom Meeting.

The 2021 IMASPI National Conference series of events began on 1st–15th August 2021, where the consuls general of 12 Imaspi member universities promoted their vision and mission so that they could be elected as secretary general of Imaspi 2021-2022. Then, on August 19th 2021, a constitutional operation was carried out. Furthermore, on 23 August 2021, a general webinar on Frenchness was held and on 24th–26th August 2021 the core activity of the Imaspi National Conference was held, namely the plenary session.

At the 2021 IMASPI National Conference, five UNY French Language Education students were selected as delegates from UNY. The five students are Saraswati Nabiilahakiim (class of 2018), Naftalya Andaya Putri (class of 2019), Oka Reynaldi Akbar (class of 2019), Lulu Nurmalityari (class of 2020), and Zahida Aine Hawwa (class of 2020) with Lulu Nurmalityari as UNY's consul general for Imaspi 2021.

The plenary session of the IMASPI National Conference inaugurated the UGM consul general, Yunia Faradilla Kholifatul Ummah (2020) as the new secretary general of IMASPI for the 2021-2022 period. Apart from electing and inaugurating the consul general and secretary general, IMASPI also inaugurated the joining of Halu Oleo University as a new member of IMASPI and changed the duration of IMASPI's management to one year.

Congratulations to Lulu Nurmalityari as UNY's consul general for Imaspi for the 2021-2022 period and Saraswati Nabiilahakiim who has been UNY's consul general for IMASPI for the past two years. Hopefully the new UNY consul general for Imaspi can be trusted in carrying out his duties. See you at other IMASPI events.

(Alya Fadiyah, French Language Education student 2019)